San Marino Attorney Frank W. Chen To Take The Bench

As Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner

Chen, a graduate of Stanford University and UCLA School of Law, was admitted to the California State Bar in 1988.  He is a former president of the Southern California Chinese Lawyers Association (SCCLA) and the Taiwanese American Lawyers Association (TALA), and served as a trustee of the Los Angeles County Bar Association (LACBA) and as a board member of the Asian Pacific American Bar Association of Los Angeles County (APABA).  He is a Past President of the Alhambra Chamber of Commerce and a Past President of the San Marino City Club.
陳威宏畢業於斯坦福大學(Stanford University) 和加州大學洛杉磯分校法學院 (UCLA Law School),於1988年通過加州律師考試成為律師。他是南加州華美律師協會和台美律師協會的前任會長,洛杉磯縣律師協會和亞太美律師協會的前董事。他也是阿罕布拉市商會的前任主席和聖瑪利諾城市俱樂部(San Marino City Club) 的前任主席。

Chen is best known for his pro bono work in combating abusive litigation.  Most notably, in recognition for his public service involvement, he was named a recipient of California Lawyer Magazine's Attorney of the Year (CLAY) Award for 2003.  He was also the recipient of the Asian Pacific American Legal Center of Southern California's Pro Bono Service Award in 2003.  Both of these awards were given for his volunteer work with state and local prosecutors, local elected officials, legislators, and the State Bar of California in coordinating a unique and sweeping defense to abusive litigation brought by the Trevor Law Group of Beverly Hills.
陳威宏以其在打擊濫用訴訟方面的公益工作而聞名。為表彰他的公共服務參與,他被評為2003年「加州律師雜誌-年度最佳律師」(CLAY), 也是亞太美法律中心「公益服務獎」 的獲得者。這兩個獎項都是因為他與州和地方檢察官,民選官員,立法者和加州律師協會 一起合作對 “比佛利山特雷弗法律集團”提起的對濫用訴訟的獨特而徹底的辯護工作 。

Additionally, since 2009, he has written and given a multitude of presentations on the topic of combating abusive ADA accessibility litigation in California to numerous bar associations, chambers of commerce, and professional organizations.  In the late 1990s, Chen was also instrumental in leading both the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office and the State Bar of California in the battle against the Unauthorized Practice of Law (UPL). 
此外,自2009年以來,他在加州與眾多律師協會,商會和專業組織撰寫並發表了大量關於打擊濫用ADA (American Disability Act美國殘疾人無障礙法案) 訴訟主題的演講。在1990年 代末期,他還領導洛杉磯地區檢察官辦公室和加州律師協會在打擊違法執業法律 (Unauthorized Practice Law -UPL)方面發揮了重要作用。

In 2006, Chen received the Southern California Chinese Lawyers Association's Judge Delbert E. Wong Distinguished Service Award.  Also in 2006, he received recognition from California Assemblymember Judy Chu at the 49th Assembly District's Third Annual Asian Pacific Islander American Heritage Month Celebration for making significant contributions as a Community Leader.
2006年,他獲得南加州華美律師協會「法官Delbert E. Wong 傑出服務獎」和獲得加州 第49選州眾議員趙美心在亞太美傳統月慶祝活動中頒發「社區領袖獎」,感謝他為社區 作出重大貢獻。

A litigation attorney as a partner at small law firms for most of his career, Chen has for the past several years been a sole practitioner primarily representing small business owners in business and real estate litigation.  Since 2005, he was recognized eleven times as a Southern California Super Lawyer (including three times in the National Super Lawyers Business Edition), and from 2010 to 2018 was named as one of Pasadena Magazine's Top Attorneys.  He first became interested in judicial service while serving as a volunteer Temporary Judge (Judge Pro Tem) for the Los Angeles Superior Court beginning in 2005, presiding over small claims, limited civil and unlawful detainer matters.
陳威宏在作為商業訴訟律師的大部分職業生涯中一直是一位主要代表小企業主從事商業和房地產訴訟的律師。自2005年以來,他被評為「南加州超級律師」十一次(包括三次「全國超級商業律師」),並從2010年到2018年被帕薩迪納雜誌評為「頂級律師」。自2005年他開始擔任洛杉磯高等法院的臨時法官( Judge Pro Tem),主持小額索賠,有限的民事 和非法拘留事項時,他從而開始對司法公職服務感興趣。

A naturalized U.S. citizen, Chen was born in Taipei, Taiwan and came to the United States at the age of 4.  He will become the Los Angeles Superior Court's third Taiwan-born judicial officer, and the fifth Taiwan-born judicial officer in the entire United States.  (Magistrate Judge Peggy Kuo of the Eastern District of New York became the first Taiwan-born judge in the United States in 2016; Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Wesley Hsu became the second Taiwan-born judge in the United States in 2017; Federal Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals Judge James C. Ho became the third Taiwan-born judge in the United States in 2017; and Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Wendy Chang became the fourth Taiwan-born judge in the United States in 2018.)
2016 紐約東區裁判法官Peggy Kuo成為美國第一位在台灣出生的台美人法官;
2017 洛杉磯高等法院法官Wesley Hsu成為美國第二位在台灣出生的台美人法官;
2017 聯邦第五巡迴法院上訴法院法官James C. Ho 成為美國第三位在台灣出生台美人法官
2018 洛杉磯高等法院法官Wendy Chang成為美國第四位在台灣出生的台美人法官。

The Los Angeles Superior Court is the largest unified trial court in the United States, consisting of approximately 492 judges and nearly 80 subordinate judicial officers which include commissioners.
洛杉磯高等法院是美國最大的單一統一審判法庭,年度預算為7.3億美元。它擁有超過4,300名全職員工和12個司法區,包括492名法官和80名司法官員。法院擁有38個獨立的設施,為88個城市和118個執法機構, 990萬居民提供服務。

Unlike the gubernatorial appointment or the countywide election of judges, commissioners are selected by the Los Angeles Superior Court judges following a rigorous process of evaluation.  Commissioners are elected from a list of candidates nominated by a judicial panel to perform judicial and quasi-judicial functions, with primary responsibility for adjudicating cases, including acting as a temporary judge in appropriate cases, and performing other related duties as assigned.  Commissioners have the same jurisdiction and exercise the same powers and duties as the judges of the court with respect to infractions and small claims actions, and in other matters pursuant to stipulation of the parties.  Commissioners are typically assigned to preside over proceedings in civil, small claims, criminal, traffic, probate, mental health, family, juvenile delinquency and/or juvenile dependency and landlord-tenant matters.
與州長任命的法官或全縣法官選舉不同,洛杉磯高等法院法官們在嚴格的評估過程中選出了法庭司法官員(Court Commissioner)。法庭司法官員從司法小組提名的候選人名單中 選出,負責執行司法和準司法職能,主要負責裁決案件,包括在適當案件中擔任臨時法官 ,履行指定的其他相關職責。法庭司法官員具有法官相同的管轄權,並且在違法行為和小額索賠訴訟方面具有與法院法官相同的權力和職責,並且根據當事方的規定行使其他事項。法庭司法官員通常被指派主持民事,小額索賠,刑事訴訟,交通,遺囑認證,心理健康,家庭,青少年犯罪和/或青少年依賴以及房東房客事務。

Chen stated that he is absolutely delighted to have the opportunity to work for the court where he has practiced for the past thirty years.  He will initially be assigned to the Los Angeles Superior Court Family Law Division at the Central Civil West  Courthouse.
陳威宏表示,他非常高興有機會為他過去三十年來所在的洛杉磯高等法院工作。他將被分配到洛杉磯高等法院的中央民事法院的家事法庭 (Family Law Court)。

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Press Release

 Frank W. Chen


LOS ANGELES, CA.  San Marino attorney Frank W. Chen (陳威宏律師) has been elected by the judges of the Los Angeles Superior Court to become the Los Angeles Superior Court's newest Court Commissioner. 
聖瑪利諾律師陳威宏由洛杉磯高等法院法官們選出,成為洛杉磯高等法院 (Los Angeles Superior Court) 最新任命的法庭司法官員 “Court Commissioner”。